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Discover the proven, time-tested strategies
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(Even if you have little to no experience)

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

My name is Josh Harms and I'm the owner of

If you've ever tried to make money online and failed you're probably frustrated...

Maybe you even want to give up?

But DON'T!

My goal with this website is to teach you the real ways that you can start earning an income online.

Even if you have ZERO experience!

My story...

It might sound very familiar to you because I followed the same path as many before me...

I went to college started out in web development, decided web design wasn't "for me" and switched my major to Business as I enjoy working with people.

I continued to work hard, and ideally I would be living the "American Dream" soon enough right?

Unfortunately this was incredibly wrong. The highest paying job with a Bachelor's of Science in Business I was able to get was a whopping $13.50/hour. Not enough to make a living for myself let alone for my family.

Pretty lame right?

I spent a ton of time, and hard work for little in return. Now don't get me wrong I'm glad I have my degree because it means I understand a lot of the business aspects of running my online business and thankfully I made it through without accumulating much debt.

Others aren't so lucky... so I know I'm blessed.

Before I went to college I actually had spent some time trying to make an income on eBay. This was about 10 years ago at this point. I was making $1,000/month selling on eBay.

I thought I was on top of the world considering I was only 18 years old at the time and I was still working a regular job.

2 incomes and yeah I was still living at home (with the parents)... life was good.

Want to know the problem?

The products I were selling were counterfeit games 😱

This totally came as a shock to me!

Here's what happened...

I was interested in making an online income like many people, and I had come across a website that was selling products direct from China.

Being naive since I was 18, I just assumed everything was made in China and that it was "ok" to sell these games.

I didn't even think about them possibly being fakes.

What happened next?

Customers started opening complaints saying their games had stopped working, and video game experts could tell they were knock-offs.

With the large number of open cases eBay suspended my account and PayPal put a hold on any funds transfers for SIX MONTHS until all cases and pending refunds were completed.

I lost thousands... 😢

I figured my days of making any money online were over which really SUCKED!

At the time I had been trying to save any extra money I could to propose to my then girlfriend.

So I of course started researching other ways that I could possibly make money online.

I was desperate to make more money!!!

I tried system after system that offered FAST and EASY results... none worked! 😖

Eventually I ended up going to college as you already know...

The truth about college...

Going to college is a great life experience and heck some people honestly probably love the job they get from completing their degree, but many people including myself aren't so lucky.

Many people get stuck in 9-5 dead end jobs, or worse overnight shifts 😫

You know wake up, go to work, come home exhausted and unmotivated, go to bed, rinse and repeat.

At one point in time there was job security, home ownership was easily achieved, and an enjoyable retirement were something that people could at least look forward to as a reward for their sacrifices.

But as you know that's not how things are anymore!

While costs continue to rise for childcare, college, housing, etc have continued to rise at astronomical rates - our wages haven't.

This means more and more people are sacrificing their way of life, simply to make their money last while living paycheck to paycheck. The problem here is that even then there isn't enough left over to save.

Making it nearly impossible for you to get ahead ☹️

Want to know the worst part? While every portion of your paycheck goes to social security there's a good chance that you won't see any of it (if you're not near retirement).

So what's the solution so you can set up a better lifestyle? You need to work smarter.

What exactly does that mean?

Well to me it means becoming your own boss... Why do I think this? Because one of the people that I've always looked up to is Warren Buffett and he's said "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die". Now obviously there are other ways but...

Starting your own business is one of the best ways people can build true wealth - not with the measly 3% raise that I got every year in my dead end job.

Studies show that people that are self employed are more likely to become millionaires in their lifetime when compared to those who work for someone else.

Sounds pretty great right? In theory it is!

But I'll let you in on a secret that not many "gurus" will tell you... most people that try to start their own business online fail.

I know that sounds cold but it's the truth, and I'll tell you exactly why this is the case!

Why people fail to make money online...

There are a variety of reasons that people fail to make money online. But... one of the biggest reasons is the experts and gurus that are telling you how easy it can be - no - how easy it will be to make money online.

Here are some of the claims I've come across in the time I've been an online entrepreneur:

  • "Why not get paid... Today?"
  • "Earn a 6 Figure Income on Autopilot"
  • "Make $500 every 30 minutes"
  • "Make THOUSANDS per day using my system"
  • "Easily Generate 3-5 Figures every day!"
  • "The secret loophole that will make you 6 figures"

These are just a few of their claims, but if you want to use COST EFFECTIVE methods to start your online business results aren't going to be instant. The only way you can speed up income is by spending thousands of dollars on ads.

Even then if it was so easy to make money wouldn't everyone just be posting ads and making tons of money online?

HECK I know I would be.

Many online marketers love telling you how easy it is because it makes them money, and then they'll hit you with upsell after upsell. Now that's not very nice if they're really trying to help you right?

Embarrassingly this is what happened to me 😠

This left me frustrated and almost made me give up... so glad I didn't!

Why do I share this with you?

I don't want you falling for the same crap that I did!

I want you to succeed.

You're probably like Oh Great here it comes another sales pitch... and while that's technically somewhat true, what I'm going to show you today is:

A) 100% Risk Free (No Credit Card required)
B) Something a majority of gurus will never teach or tell you.

If you signup and decide that you don't like what is being taught, or don't like the tools that are provided you can leave without any risk because all you're required to enter is your name and your eMail address.

In the long run if you love what's being taught which I'm sure you will, and enjoy the simplicity of having all the tools required to make money in the same place eventually deciding to upgrade to a premium membership it's a win win situation because I earn some money and you get a massive boost to building your online business.

Now I know you might have some doubts such as:

✖️ Not having enough money to start your own business.
✖️ Not enough time.
✖️ Not enough knowledge.

These are just excuses and it's a huge mistake many people make, and I'm going to tell you exactly why!

One of the biggest regrets people have in their life is not taking any risk in order to pursue their dreams... instead they allow fear to dictate how they live their life and being eternally stuck in their dead end job.

But online entrepreneurship isn't for everyone!

Leave Now if you...

✖️ need money fast.
✖️ are looking for a "get rich quick" scheme.
✖️ hate learning.
✖️ Don't want to put in effort or time.
✖️ Want something easy.

I honestly don't want to drive anyone away but time is valuable. Don't waste it on something that you aren't going to put effort into.

The only way things will change in your life is if you have the courage to stand out from everyone else and do something different, whatever that may be.

Still with me? Awesome!

Listen online entrepreneurship as you already know has many benefits, and there is more that one way to make money online. I just think that the method I follow is one of the best, if not the best.

This system is for you if you:

✴️ Are sick and tired of your current job situation.
✴️ Want to experience the financial freedom an online business brings.
✴️ Discover the job freedom of being your own boss.

While I know not everyone will sign up for the platform I promote...

A percentage of you will and this benefits you and I.

Why? Because what I do works and it can work for you too.

There are only 2 options!

Option A: You can continue to waste your time jumping from system to system simply hoping something works (basically like playing the lottery). In the long run you give up because not only have you lost valuable time, but you've lost money you don't have to lose.

or choose

Option B: Take the time to learn proven strategies that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs turn their dream into reality. Then put in MASSIVE ACTION to apply what you learned. Over time as you build your business your income will start to grow, and in return you will be able to live the life you want.

Here's a sneak peek at the strategies you'll learn so you to can start living the life you want!

affiliate marketing steps

Step 1: Here is where you brainstorm what your idea business is. You'll commonly hear it referred to as a "niche", which is simply a specified market (not broad). An example of this is rather than sports, you'd pick a sport you love such as basketball, and to narrow it down even further you could zone in on basketball techniques.

Step 2: This step is where you make your business idea come to life, and that's by building a website. Don't worry though because it's way simpler than when I started out online over 10 years ago. Creating a website is the foundation of your success online.

Step 3: Your real goal here is to keep creating targeted content on your niche and as you do so your audience will grow. There are paid ways to accelerate the amount of traffic to your website but the methods I follow are mostly FREE.

Step 4: The final step is what you've been waiting for as your traffic continues to grow you're going to start finding ways to monetize that traffic. That could be selling them a physical product, or maybe you could promote a product and earn a commission for the work you've done providing valuable content.

You see the process is pretty simple to follow, but the people that succeed are the ones that put consistent effort into their business.

100% Risk Free - No Credit Card Required!